Next-generation Intelligent and Green Manufacturing Internet of Things

Manufacturers face the challenge of flexibly adapting to new socioeconomic conditions, technology advances coming from the robotics, automation & digitalization domains, to produce goods, which are tailored to app-specific requirements, while maximizing the production-rate, ensuring high-quality & minimizing the resources’ (re-)use.

Inspired by this, GENIUS aims at sculpturing the next industrial revolution by developing a zero-touch AI architecture capable of bringing intelligence near the edge in a flexible, adaptable, explainable, energy & data efficient manner. GENIUS opens the door to the next-generation manufacturing IoT by providing an integrated platform for coordinating the product production & quality check chains & workers training & protection in an automated flexible, adaptable, programmable, explainable & energy efficient (EE) manner.

GENIUS consists of 3 pilars: a) optimization towards the Pareto optimal service creation; b) high level of security, privacy, trust & transparency; and c) self-evolving human-machine & machine-machine interfaces to boost on-site tasks. It combines the benefits of AI, edge & cloud, blockchain & DTs, optimized by means of a) new KPIs; b) experimentally-driven AI approaches that minimize the smart manufacturing energy footprint; c) an advanced multi-modal interaction interface that translates human & machine UI/Ux actions into XR & cobots tasks; d) an AI optimized self-evolving blockchain approach that optimizes the relationship between latency, EE & security; e) AI reproducibility schemes to significantly reduce the learning latency and enhance reusability; and f) an explainable AI interface that enhance trustworthiness, transferability, informativeness, confidence, privacy, actionability & user-centric explainability. To assess GENIUS efficiency & demonstrate its functionalities & benefits in scenarios with diverse requirements 3 use-cases & 4 pilots have been designed.