Our Mission

Gender Equality Plan

Since its foundation, InnoCube incorporates the principles of gender equality in its operations and activities and promotes the provision of equal opportunities between women and men. 

Reacting to the current demands and keeping pace with the plans drawn up both at national (Action for Gender Equality 2021-2025) and at European level (Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025, Gender equality in the European Research Area), InnoCube currently standardizes its practices under a Gender Equality Plan (GEP), prepared for the period 2021-2024.

InnoCube’s GEP is build upon three pillars:

Pillar I

Analysis of the current situation and control of the procedures and practices applied in InnoCube, in order to reveal possible weaknesses in the equal treatment of the genders.

Pillar II

Identification and implementation of innovative practices to overcome any discrimination.

Pillar III

Setting of objectives and continuous review of the applied practices through the monitoring of validated indicators.